Our Token

We now have token Crypto Fights CFS Crypto Fights CFS Buy on Pancakeswap

BSC CONTRACT: 0xacebd452fe1f35994ad5a4216543fee6de23376f

About Us

We are gonna be the next Online Multiplayer Game that is using blockchain!

Here are some of options we will bring into the game

  • NFT items
  • Multiple crypto coins/tokens
  • Our own token (on BSC)

Users will be able to collect items, fight against NPC/PVP, will be able to manage teams/alliances and many more. Users will be able to spend/sell/give game items (NFT) to others.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide more information about the game at this time to maintain its uniqueness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try to answer frequently asked questions from our Telegram, Twitter or Reddit chanels.